Should/Can PR agencies ever guarantee clients media coverage?

At many agencies, the problem with guaranteeing placement is that a senior executive makes the promise during a pitch meeting and the junior staff is left to deliver. It’s far easier for a CEO to hypothesize about story in the New York Times than for an Account Executive to actually place one. The Client relationship […]

As a startup, how to you get the most out of the first PR agency that you hire?

Here’s what I recommend to startups I talk to: Include your PR team in all key marketing planning meetings. If they are unable to attend in-person, send them any slidedecks and notes, and then walk the team through the parts most relevant to them Provide full visibility into the state of the business in each […]

How China Built a Twitter Propaganda Machine Then Let It Loose on Coronavirus : A Propublica Investigation

ProPublica analyzed thousands of fake and hijacked Twitter accounts to understand how covert Chinese propaganda spreads around the globe. To read the story click here: Get your buzz. Talk to Atharva Marcom Public Relations – secure fantastic media coverage! his can include feature articles, radio or podcast interviews, talk show appearances, red carpet events […]

Failed 8 times, harassed in school for being overweight: Now Maurah Ruiz is Ms. Global USA!

This is the incredible journey of Maurah Ruiz, Ms. Global USA. One of the first American of Latin Amrican origin to win the competition, Maurah Ruiz struggled through incredible odds to win the competition! Listen to the Maruah Ruiz interview! Click here: Maurah Ruiz talks about her childhood and her extremely supportive mother, who […]

The 5 Essential Signages that may be MANDATORY for your workplace, post lockdown. Are you prepared?

Once the lockdown is eased, the economy, our lifestyle and our work environments would be changed forever. These are the 5 essential signages that would be required in any workplace, once the lockdown opens. 1.How to wash hands While we have generally learned to wash our hands, the Corona epidemic has placed intense importance on […]

The 5 Questions Scientists need to ask themselves to become better Science communicators!

Scientists may believe science is absolute. But in reality – most science is not. Almost all science is overturned after a certain time period. And nothing is definite. Even today – most theories are just that – a theory. Is egg good for you? The role of statins. Impact of electronic radiation. The amount of […]