At Atharva Marcom landing press is just the beginning. Our Bangalore-based public relations and marketing firm has been redefining the “full service” agency concept. Going beyond media outreach and press acquisition, we maximize campaign impact by infusing social media, brand marketing, and creative consulting into all of our campaigns.  


Basically, we’re anything but basic. While our services span far and wide, our focus is laser sharp. Our original and synergistic approach to client campaigns ensures we are always one step in front of the media curve…which is a good place to be if you want to lead the conversation.

The difference between a name and a strong powerful brand is intense communication that resonates with the intended audience.



A lot of people want to communicate – they call us. But they want to communicate what THEY want to hear!

Communication is more about what the audience wants to hear, Instead of what you are trying to say!


Atharva Marcom is India’s oldest continuously podcasting podcaster! Starting with the Health Tips Podcast in 2006!


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How to go viral on social media!

We have been rocking on social media, setting records of views. The latest was when one of our posts clocked over 1.8 million views!

How do we do it? By being relevant and timing posts right. Karnvir Mundrey wrote a post on “How to increase your network on LinkedIn”.

India's first and only podcast on public relations & Content marketing!

Podcast: The Future of Branded Content & PR!

The Future of Branded Content & PR is the defining podcast for branded content & public relations!

The world of public relations is changing, and there are many questions: What is the latest in public relations? How do I get maximum coverage for my work? What is the best way to implement public relations?

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Fifteen Years, A Branded Content Story: A Collection Of Thought Provoking Essays From Leading Branded Content Experts

Karnvir Mundrey, Chief Ideation Officer & Founder of Atharva Marcom – authored the chapter representing India – in the book.

A lot of people ask: What is branded content?

Branded content is an effective response to an increasingly saturated market. Today, users are overwhelmed with ads and information at all times, to the point that many of them resort to solutions such as ad blockers.

To combat the disdain for traditional advertising, brands need to look for new ways to connect with their audience, impact them in creative ways, and convey the values they represent. Branded content is a great solution to all these needs.

In this book we’ll take a look at what exactly branded content is, what advantages it has for brands, and some of the best examples of branded content.

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The Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA)

Karnvir Mundrey is the President of BCMA (India).

The BCMA is the leading global member association for branded content and influencer marketing practitioners, run by practitioners, promoting best practice, sharing knowledge and growing the industry

It’s an opportunity for all people who’ve got real creative drive. Really, this is the age of branded content.” Sir Peter Bazalgette, Chairman, ITV

The BCMA is the leading global member association promoting the value of branded content and influencer marketing. It is designed for anyone involved in branded content and influencer marketing. Through best practice it leads the debate on what makes great branded content and how brands, producers, agencies, platforms, media owners, publishers and influencers can engage audiences for maximum benefit and payback. Through its referral programme the BCMA helps members attract new revenue opportunities.

Our members include world leading brands, agencies, production companies, influencers, publishers and platforms. We invest in groundbreaking research and have developed a proprietary effectiveness measurement tool with our global partner Ipsos MORI.

We have launched the Institute of Branded Content in partnership with the University of East London (UEL) and world renowned creative training company, Mindscapes to develop learning, best practice skills leadership capability in talented practitioners from the Marketing, Advertising, Media, Production and Communications industries through experiential learning.

We create the opportunity to connect with the leading experts in the branded content industry.

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