Failed 8 times, harassed in school for being overweight: Now Maurah Ruiz is Ms. Global USA!


This is the incredible journey of Maurah Ruiz, Ms. Global USA.

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One of the first American of Latin Amrican origin to win the competition, Maurah Ruiz struggled through incredible odds to win the competition!

Listen to the Maruah Ruiz interview! Click here:

Ms. Global USA Maurah Ruiz

Maurah Ruiz talks about her childhood and her extremely supportive mother, who with her grit and determination gave her the courage to dream big.

Maurah Ruiz on winning Ms. Global USA!

Her mother, Deborah, too decided to complete her graduation in her 40s, after being convinced that the only way to a better life was education.

Maurah Ruiz with the winners of Ms. Global USA

In this interview to The Health Tips podcast, Maurah Ruiz talks about her childhood, her fitness secrets and what she looks for in a positive relationship!

Ms.Global USA. In times of the Corona & COVID19. They adhered to social distancing norms while competing including wearing face masks and sanitizers!

She talks about her fitness secrets, and her diet – which helped her lose weight fast! Her three-step process to getting fit and the techniques she uses to control her mind!

Ms. GLOBAL USA being a responsible pagent in the times of Corona & COVID19! Maruah Ruiz won the competition!

Listen to her talk on the Atharva Marcom YouTube channel:

Maruah Ruiz (left) with her mother and sister!

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