BREAKING NEWS! Superman, Batman & Joker in Bangalore!

Superman, Batman & Joker were seen in Bangalore, and we get you sneak pictures of their visit to the Atharva Marcom office, where they discussed a number of ideas about public relations media and communications.

Superman (Left), Batman (Center) & Joker at the Atharva Marcom office.

Superman mentioned how great PR had helped him in a number of ways. “I wouldn’t have got the recognition I deserved, if it wasn’t for great public relations,” he said. He mentioned how Clark Kent too had all the powers of Superman, but it was only after the right branding – with the suit, and the awareness – with him shooting accross the sky, did he get the recognition he deserved.

He also mentioned how PR helped him serve the people better. “People know who to call, when they see a crises,” he added. “That has made my job a whole lot easier.”

In discussion at the Atharva Marcom office.

Batman too talked about how good communication and branding has made him what he is.

“Unlike my super hero brother here, I don’t have any special power. But when I projected my image onto the night sky – people knew they were safe. And sometimes confidence is just what you need to cross that seemingly insurmountable chasm!”

Joker in an unusually pensive mood among the flowers at the Atharva Marcom office. The calm of Bangalore seemed to be altering his mind to good!

Among their intensive discussion, they were full of appreciation for Atharva Marcom, known commonly as India’s smartest PR firm.

Superman mentioned how in the middle of the night, he would connect with Karnvir Mundrey, the Chief Ideation Officer of Atharva Marcom – and he seemingly always had a great Idea.

“Be it personal branding, or informing the people of Metropolis about a celebration or a disaster: Atharva Marcom is the best public relations agency. In Bangalore, and possibly in India,” said Superman.

“I agree: Atharva Marcom is the best PR agency, with a complete understanding of digital, print and the changing realm of online. Its amazing how Karnvir Mundrey, gets messages to go viral.” said Batman.

Superman & Batman, discussing their future PR strategies at the Atharva Marcom office.

“I thought someone was joking when I heard about how Karnvir Mundrey, has created a world record with the most viral LinkedIn post ever,” said Joker. “But it’s true. Atharva Marcom takes media, public relations & communications very seriously.”

Superman & Batman also mentioned how they are loyal listeners of The Health Tips Podcast, the oldest health podcast. Batman mentioned how his muscles and strength, were only because of The Health Tips Podcast.

“If Im in the car, racing towards a situation, I always listen to The Health Tips Podcast,” said Batman. “It gives me such great fitness ideas. And it has featured such amazing guests. Usain Bolt, Beto Perez & even Bollywood celebs like Soha Ali Khan.”

Batman in his car listening to “The Health Tips Podcast

Superman couldn’t stop raving about The Future of Branded Content Marketing & PR. “Ever since Karnvir Mundrey has been the President of BCMA India, its been a non-stop learning and development for me. Content is truly king – and I realize the importance of letting people know in an engaging way,” he said.”I never miss an episode of The Future of Branded Content Marketing & PR. The best part is, it’s on iTunes!”

It was a flying visit for them both, but they look forward to being in Bengaluru again soon.

“Be the Superman of your business, #TalkToAtharvaMarcom. We do great PR,” said Karnvir Mundrey, Chief Ideation Officer, Atharva Marcom. “Reach out to us at or visit”.

For once, Superman, Batman & Joker nodded strongly in agreement.

(P.S. The Superman, Batman & Joker ducks float in our Urali everyday. Today they became famous!) 🙂