Google thinks this person will win the Election. Get ready to be surprised!

Atharva Marcom did a Google data analysis on trends of the last three months and found some interesting movements.

Trending search patterns of Modi vs Gandhi

While some may believe Mr. Modi to have clear strength, there is evidence to believe that Rahul Gandhi may have strong support in the non Hindi belt.

Image searches of Modi vs Gandhi

In terms of people searching for the image, Gandhi again seems to score over Modi over the last three months.

But in news searches, Mr. Modi clearly leads over Mr. Gandhi. The public relations team of Mr. Modi has certainly done a good job of flooding the country’s media with news thats interesting and popular!

How impactful would this news be in turning into votes. Thats the call-to-action that matters in public relations!

On May 23rd 2019, we will have an interesting verdict!

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