Not just the Kohinoor! This British trophy was made out of melted Indian Silver Coins! The secrets revealed here!

Not just the Kohinoor! This British trophy was made out of melted Indian Silver Coins! The secrets revealed here!

The best PR agency always is on the search for public opinion. Atharva Marcom ,  went on the streets of London, to understand:

What do the British think of India?

We discovered a lot: about the Raj, Bollywood and the secrets about the Calcutta Cup:

The Calcutta Cup is the trophy awarded to the winner of the rugby match between Scotland and England (the current winner of the cup is Scotland). It is the oldest of several individual competitions that take place under the umbrella of the Six Nations Championship, including: the Millennium Trophy, Centenary Quaich, Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy, and the Auld Alliance Trophy (first contested in 2018).

The cup was first competed for in 1879. Scotland were the most recent winners, while England have won the cup the most times overall with 70 wins to Scotland’s 40.

On Christmas Day 1872, a game of rugby football, between 20 players representing England on one side and 20 representing Scotland on the other, was played in Calcutta.

The match was such a success that it was repeated a week later. These lovers of rugby wanted to form a club in the area and the aforementioned matches were the agents which led to the formation of the Calcutta Football Club in January 1873.

The Calcutta Club joined the Rugby Football Union in 1874. Despite the Indian climate not being entirely suitable for playing rugby, the club prospered during that first year. However, when the free bar had to be discontinued, the membership took an appreciable drop. Other sports, such as tennis and polo, which were considered to be more suited to the local climate, were making inroads into the numbers of gentlemen available. The members decided to disband but keen to perpetuate the name of the club, they withdrew the club’s funds from the bank, which were in Silver Rupees, had them melted down and made into a cup which they presented to the Rugby Football Union in England in 1878, with the provision that it should be competed for annually.

Hear the complete video here, they talk about the Calcutta Cup at 6:17 minutes:

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