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Feet on the ground

The man in front looked familiar. We were on an Easyjet flight from Gatwick to Nice at the time. His wife was flustered juggling with baby and paraphernalia. We saw him struggle to fold down a push chair and then squeeze their hand-luggage into an already full overhead locker. Once settled, he drank coke and munched his way through a chicken and pesto focaccia. All very normal except for one thing. This man is Easyjet-founder and largest shareholder Stelios.

This billionaire was not given, nor did he seem to expect, any special treatment. Quite the opposite. Halfway through the short flight, he was at the front shaking hands with the pilot and chatting cheerfully to the cabin crew. He proudly watched the comings and goings of life on a plane in between taking photos of his daughter.

A reminder to us all to keep our feet on the ground – even when you’re at 30,000 feet.

A successful business has feet on the ground.

Humility is Big Business! Thank you for the lesson Mr. Stelios. May I also add, he is an LSE alumni!

#HumiltyIsGreatPR #TalkToUs 🙂

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(With inputs from a friend)