How I went from 300 to 18,000 connects on #LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is an amazing tool, in connecting – in business development, and in developing new friendships. So good that we hardly ever need to introduce our public relations firm, Atharva marcom in a formal presentation.



Atharva Marcom is known as one of the best PR firms in India

It’s amazing to be recognized almost everywhere, and for our work to be known and followed! Our podcasts are heard by the thousands.

Probably one of the sweetest phrase to hear is “I follow you on LinkedIn“, or “We are connected on LinkedIn“!

So here are a few pointers of taking your connects to the next level, and understanding LinkedIn better.

  1. LinkedIn is not for selling: It is for marketing and networking. And that takes time! Often, I may get a request – and I get quite a few daily. I add the contact – only to immediately receive a direct sales mail. Don’t do that.

LinkedIn is like being at a massive networking event. You wouldn’t go to an event – walk up to a person, and start selling. Let people understand you, appreciate your work. And when they need your services – THEY will reach out to you!

2. Make sure your profile is updated: A profile is like a visiting card. If it isn’t updated, people wouldn’t realize the true you. There are various points of connect. Your college, the games you play, the opinions you hold. And having an updated profile opens up the world to you. (To see my profile, click here!)

3. Don’t just be professional, be real: People do business with people – not with titles, or companies. Occasionally, let them know the real you. The fun you have. The passions that make you real. Maybe you played football with your kids this Sunday – mention it occasionally.


Talking Public Relations with some of the best in the world!

4. ASK People to connect with you on LinkedIn: For the first few thousand people, be active in asking people to add you on LinkedIn. If you meet an event, say the magic words “Do add me on LinkedIn”!

5. Be Helpful: I never mind making introductions. Karma goes around, and people remember goodness. So when people ask me if I could connect them – I try to. Except if its for a direct employment request! Because if you did LinkedIn right, you would never be unemployed.

Let me know in the comments if this helped you.

And yes, add me on LinkedIn!!

One of my #LinkedIn Posts is at 5.4 Million + views as we speak!